6-year-old runs 26 miles to raise money for charity: ‘He wanted to do more".

[June 29, 2020: Yahoo Life]

You don’t meet many 6-year-olds who are accomplished fundraisers, but Ollie Hall is an exception. The little one ran the length of an entire marathon — 26.2 miles — dressed in his favorite costumes to raise money for hospital workers.

It all started when Ollie’s parents Chris and Liz Hall taught him about the novel coronavirus. Ollie wanted to help the U.K.’s National Health Service, so the family came up with the idea for Ollie to run a mile a day dressed in a costume to raise money and awareness. The Flash, Superman and Willy Wonka were just a few of his looks.

Ollie’s dad said that after his son got a rush from donating cakes to teachers, he got into the giving spirit.

“I think he got quite a buzz off it and he wanted to do more, so we came up with the idea of doing a run,” Chris told Yahoo. “He wanted to make people laugh and smile and in his words, ‘help the doctors and nurses and the poorly people.’”

Ollie had already raised £3,000 (or $3,722) when Yahoo checked in with the family. He only set out to raise £50. 

“I like running around so [I] thought I could run in fancy dress to make people smile and hopefully raise some money to help look after the doctors, nurses and poorly people that are in [the] hospital,” the 6-year-old boy told Yahoo. 

Ollie finished his last mile on his sixth birthday, following a month of running six days a week. It was always important to Ollie to dress as both real-life and fictional superheroes, so for his last run, he chose to dress up as a doctor..... MORE

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