This New Flying Car Could Finally Deliver on the Promise of ‘The Jetsons’

[July 1, 2020: The Robb Report]

SkyDrive is projected to fly at up to 1,640 feet at 62 mph for 12 miles, or a more efficient cruise speed of 37 mph for 20 miles.

There has been talk about flying cars ever since the 1960s television cartoon, The Jetsons. Every morning, George Jetson would get into his car, fly it to work and shrink it to the size of a briefcase, so he could carry it into the office.

The flying car idea has actually been around for more than 100 years, with the first one, the Curtiss Autoplane, introduced in 1917. It had wings and a rear propeller that was mounted on what looked like a Ford Model T. The flying car could lift slightly off the ground, but could never achieve full flight.

Thirty years later, the Convair Model 118, also known as the ConvAirCar, was introduced in the post-War era of aviation. The ConvAirCar, a two-seat car with detachable wings and tail, was aimed at mainstream consumers. It actually completed 66 test flights by the time the company lost its appetite for the venture ... MORE

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