World’s biggest mirror, Tunnel of Love, Ice Caves: Top 10 most unbelievable places on Earth.

[June 14, 2020:  Hindustan Times]

There is no artist in the world that can match the creative genius of Mother Nature. Some of the works of Nature are on display whereas some are yet to be discovered.

These places are so extraordinary that if they had not been photographed, you wouldn’t believe they exist. A dark forest straight out of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales, a field of tulips aligned to perfection, caves that no one had seen the inside of for centuries and a salt depository that works as the largest mirror in the world. So, grab your cameras as we sojourn into some of the most unique and exquisite places the world has to offer.

Crooked Forest – West Pomerania, Poland

Known for its characteristic crooked trees ‘Krzywy Las’, plays host to these oddly ‘J shaped’ pine trees. This forest consisting of about 400 trees has caught the attention of conspiracy theorists and scientists alike. The cause for their unusual shape remains a mystery but it is certainly a must-visit place for all adventurers..... MORE

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