We are a father and son team who share a passion for technology and its ability to improve people's lives.  As a high school, social giving, project, we began the Brighter Side of News to give back to our community by sharing the kind, loving, positive, compassionate and impactful things people do every day.


The Brighter Side of News is on a mission to balance out the negative "if it bleeds, it leads" media culture by sharing informative and inspirational news from around the world.  No more doomscrolling for good news buried "below the fold" or in the back pages.  Now, more than ever, we need news that unites rather than divides us. 


The Brighter Side of News is the largest daily list of curated good news on the web.  Unlike automated news feeds and social disinformation posts, we manually review, curate and promote the most impactful good news stories from hundreds of reputable news publishers.


Whether it's a local "feel good" story or a global innovation that revolutionizes our world, we work with publishers to promote stories through our daily newsletter and our continuously updated mobile-first news platform.