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11-year-old sews 500 blankets and over 1,000 masks for kids in need.

[July 2, 2020: Yahoo News]

Lucy Blaylock is on a mission to comfort kids going through difficult times, one blanket at a time.

The 11-year-old learned to sew three years ago when she made a quilt for a friend's birthday. After the party she asked her mom if they could put together a blanket giveaway for children in need. She posted on social media and received 16 messages from parents of kids battling cancer, autism, bullies, and a move to a new city.

"When I told her it was time to pick, she started crying and said she couldn't pick just one," Lucy's mom Veronica Blaylock said. "She wanted to do one for all of them so we got sewing."

Since then Lucy has made 500 blankets for kids in 14 countries and all over the United States, spending two hours with her sewing machine for each. Every comfy spread comes with her signature hand-stitched inside a heart..... MORE

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