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1st grader sets up impressive remote learning station

[Sept. 1, 2020: Nicole Pelletiere]

A first grader's learn-from-home corner is getting lots of love on social media.

With help from mom and dad, Bryce Latimer built a space that resembles an elementary school classroom. The 6-year-old started the setup after opting for virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"He always said he didn't want to get the virus, so he understands the concept of what's actually going on," mom Ashley Latimer of Scott, Arkansas, told "Good Morning America." "For me, I felt that he needed to feel like he's still in the classroom."

Bryce's station includes a full library of books, a desk, laptop, his Zoom schedule and educational posters -- some which include words of affirmation.

"My favorite thing for him are some of the motivational quotes [like], 'This doesn't make sense yet,'" Latimer said, adding she made sure the posters included children with diverse backgrounds. "Even if it's an animation, I wanted him to see children who are African American, learning in a positive light."

Latimer posted images of Bryce's space on Facebook, and they were later featured on local news sites.

Bryce said making his space look like a classroom has helped him transition to remote learning.

"It's easier for me," Bryce told "GMA." "I like counting and math, [especially] subtraction and my alphabet."

Bryce's advice for kids who want to set up a similar space is to "ask your mom to print posters for you."

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