5-Year-Old Girl Pens Book Series on COVID Superheroes After Virus Closes Her Library

Egypt Bush has written three books so far, and hopes to one day publish 100.

[Oct. 22, 2020: Rachel DeSantis]

A 5-year-old girl missing her local library amid the coronavirus pandemic took matters into her own hands, creating a book series of her very own starring a team of superheroes.

Egypt Bush, who lives in Queens, New York, loved her routine of reading library books before bed each night with her father Rahiem, WCBS reported.

But when COVID-19 forced her local library to close, her bedtime story options soon dwindled to what she had in the house.

“My dad had to read all the books over and over again,” Egypt told WCBS. “And then he told me, ‘Why don’t you come up with your own book?’”

The question sparked a brain blast, and soon, Egypt was turning the stories she enjoyed jotting down in her notebook into real, actual books with a superhero twist.

She’s so far written three books in Egypt’s Everyday Superhero series: Superhero School, Superhero Family and Superhero Town.

According to WCBS, Superhero Town focuses on the fight against coronavirus, and features heroes like doctors, nurses and bus drivers like her dad.

“Hi my name is Egypt,” the book begins. “There is a new icky super-germ that everyone is afraid of and the people in my town are turning to superheroes to fight it.”

Egypt noted that she loved flipping through the pages and seeing the super germ illustration because “it’s so funny to look at.”

Since first publishing her books in June, Egypt has sold nearly 1,000 copies, according to WNYW, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Though she has a feeling it will take “lots of work,” Egypt told WCBS she hopes to write 100 books.

“I will not give up!” she said.

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