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6-month-old might be the youngest water skier in the world: ‘Serious skills’

[Sept. 22, 2020: Emerald Pellot]

LAKE POWELL, Utah — A baby from St. George has set the record for the youngest child to water-ski, his family says.

Casey and Mindi Humpherys posted a photo and a video of 6-month-old Rich skiing at Lake Powell on Instagram earlier this week, captioned "I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. Apparently that’s a big deal… #worldrecord" on an account dedicated to photos of the boy growing up and going on outdoor adventures.

The father shared images and videos documenting the steps it took to get Rich ready for the water. First, Humpherys made the ski out of wood himself. Then he got Rich used to standing on it and holding the handles while on solid ground. Next, the father trained the boy to hold onto the handles as he pulled Rich around on the ski like a wagon.

Once Rich adapted to riding the ski on the floor, they tried it on the water without a boat. Instead, Humpherys pushed the ski from behind as Rich gleefully glided on it. Throughout the entire process, Rich looked surprisingly focused for a baby and pretty happy.

Finally, the 6-month-old was ready for the water. Footage showed the baby boy in a life jacket beside his father’s boat. Rich held onto the ski’s handle while riding some rather tame waves. His dad sat in the boat next to him, watching attentively. He adjusted the ski and stayed close to ensure the infant’s safety.

Instagram users praised the father’s efforts to train his son early on.

“I think this is so awesome! Setting your kid up for some serious skills before he can even walk!” one user commented.

“Look at him go!!! This is amazing!” another wrote.

“This is awesome that you did this for him,” someone added.

This Brighter Side of News post courtesy of In The Know.


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