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7-year-old saved from water by lifeguard while walking his dog

[Aug 2, 2021: The Brighter Side of News]

Lifeguard Patrick Mungovan, who saved a seven-year-old girl from the water at Seafield pier in Co Clare.

7-year-old Leah Peters and her mother Julie Peters were visiting Seafield pier in Quilty, west Co Clare, when the unimaginable happened - Leah fell from the pier into the water.

Lifeguard Patrick Mungovan (25) was walking his dog by the pier when he heard the girl’s mom calling out for help. “I was just there for a walk with the dog, I saw this lady screaming and crying,” he told reporters.

He said that as he approached Julie he caught glimpse of Leah struggling to stay afloat in the water. He immediately dropped his dog’s leash and jumped in to save her, bringing her back to safety on the pier.

After emerging from the water with Leah, Julie “was hugging me and crying”, he said.


“This young man heard my scream for help and without hesitation came running towards me and entered the water immediately, even with his iPhone and car keys still in his pocket,” Julie said.

“Leah has been examined by a doctor who said she was very lucky and could have started to intake water to her lungs had she been struggling in the water any longer,” she said.

Julie said that Mr. Mungovan was heroic and thanked Patrick for his “bravery and life-saving skills”, which she said had saved her daughter’s life.

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