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A doughnut shop's act of kindness means the world to Rossford family

[Mar. 26, 2021: Emily Cohen]

Arianna Brooks and her son Grady Woodring moved to Rossford back in August.

Not knowing the area too well, they decided to try a local shop called Papa Moose's Donuts. Grady was quiet and nervous to order, but because the store's owner Chuck was joking around with them and because they had such a great experience, they went back again.

"It just happened again when he was super nice and awesome, and then it just kind of snowballed into this thing where every Wednesday before school, we get doughnuts," said Arianna.

Little did Chuck know, his kindness meant the world to Arianna and Grady, especially after having such a difficult year.

"I wouldn't always want to go to work, I wouldn't always want to go whatever, but we could say we would want to go get doughnuts and I knew Chuck's here every day and he works so hard and he's such a nice guy," said Arianna.


However, last Wednesday, Arianna and Grady didn't show up.

"So he calls me from here, I didn't answer, so he called from his cell phone and he left me two voicemails and it wasn't anything, it was just like, 'I want to make sure you guys are OK. You're like clockwork - you come in every Wednesday,'" said Arianna.

Arianna and Grady say Chuck's kindness made them feel special.

"It was just cool that he was willing genuinely concerned for our well being and it wasn't about the sale because he was willing to give us free donuts," Arianna said.

If you were wondering how much Grady loves Papa Moose's donuts, he said, "Doughnuts are amazing."


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