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Act of kindness brings Papa John’s worker to tears days before retirement

[May 8, 2021: Josh Shavit]

On Sunday, Rachel Beck found herself in the Papa Johns parking lot with a tire with low air pressure. She thought it was going to be ok enough to get home but Bob Mcgee thought differently.

Bob works at the Papa Johns in Farragut, Tennessee and while he was off the clock he noticed Rachel’s tire, and ten minutes later came back with an air pump. He went out of his way to help a stranger. “I didn’t want her to get on the road and something happen to her,” he said.

Rachel was so thankful for this kind gesture she posted this story to the Next Door app which received hundreds of interactions. Over the last five days she gathered money from the community, along with gifts. On Friday, Rachel surprised Bob at work with a card filled with $860 dollars in cash and a box of gifts. The Papa Johns worker of seven years is retiring at the end of May, and Rachel says she hopes the cash will help him get an enjoyable start to to his retirement.


Bob got teary eyed when answering questions reacting to the gifts. “It means a whole lot really that people are kind enough to take the time to let somebody know that they’re appreciated,” he said.

Rachel says she hopes people try to be kinder to one another when they hear this story adding that you never know what somebody is going through.

McGee says that he’s planning on spending time at home with his two kids and family after his retirement.


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