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Adorable Boy's Bond With His Dog 'Mini' Is the Most Wholesome Thing You'll See Today

[Aug. 11, 2020: Newsweek]

Now here's something to give you the warm and fuzzies: video of a little boy bonding with his faithful dog.

Shared on the Reddit thread r/MadeMeSmile on Monday, the viral video titled "A Little Boy and His Best Friend" features an adorable kid enjoying life with a chihuahua named Mini. From the looks of it, the pair do just about everything together—playing in the backyard, lounging together in a tent, floating together in a pool, running down a street together, fishing and swinging, learning numbers, hanging out during long car rides and sharing treats and naps.

Throughout the heartwarming video, the boy showers his pup with affection. He picks her up and carries her around their home, gives her hugs and kisses constantly and he often tells the little dog how much he loves her. He even sleeps with Mini, sometimes in her dog bed, other times in his own. In the final scene of the video, he sweetly sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to his pet as they lay in bed together before they both drift off to sleep.

The pair's loving bond is sure to put smiles on many faces, and it did just that for plenty of Redditors who commented on the post.


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"When he was singing her to sleep and she was getting sleepy eyes [crying emoji] If that's not a special bond, I don't know what is," one person commented.

Another wrote: "Dear god this is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!"

While Mini and her owner's relationship seems pretty unbreakable now, it didn't necessarily start out that way. The 4-year-old little boy, named Marcelo Brookhouser, was adopted by an Arkansas family in 2018, and his mother Holly Brookhouser told KFSM News that the child was terribly afraid of dogs when he first arrived at their home. However, Mini, the family's rescue dog, didn't give up on changing Marcelo Brookhouser's feelings toward pooches.

"When he got here, he was pretty terrified of the dogs, he screamed pretty loud the first day, and I was like, 'Oh man, they warned us that that could happen,'" she told the news station in February. "But, Mini was relentless in her love and just won him over."

The video was originally shared on DoDo, a website that often features animal-related videos, back in February. It went viral instantly and is still racking up millions of views to this day.

Holly Brookhouser told KFSM that she wanted to share the video in an effort to encourage people to adopt rescue dogs.

"My whole goal in sharing them was to show people that rescue dogs can be pretty awesome and to give them a chance," she said..... Read More



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