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Adorable puppy crashes reporter's live weather report

[Feb. 20, 2021: Jack Morse]

It may be cold out there, but thanks to Pierogi our hearts are warm.

As below-freezing temperatures continue to slam much of the country this week, FOX 5 DC's Bob Barnard took to the streets of Northern Virginia for some on-the-ground weather reporting. However the rather jovial live report (complete with Cancún Cruz jokes) was interrupted when an absolutely huggable puppy ran right across the street and toward Barnard.

Thankfully, Barnard was quick on his feet — picking up the pup and letting it lick his (masked) face repeatedly.

"Forget the people we talked to earlier, I want to get to know this dog," he said to his fellow reporters back in the newsroom.


The dog's owner soon rushed outside, letting Barnard know that the doggo had escaped in a daring feat of acrobatics.

"She just jumped over the gate," the woman told Barnard, before dropping that the dog's name is Pierogi.

Amazing. We'll take two.


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