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Adorable Stray Dog Adopted by Car Dealership and Given Job as 'Car Consultant'

[Aug. 14, 2020: Joshua Shavit]

A Hyundai dealership in Brazil adopted an adorable 1 year old, stray, dog and gave him the job title of "car consultant". Customers, as well as social media users, are "pawing" all over him!

According to Brazilian news outlet A Gazeta, the manager of Prime Hyundai, Emerson Mariano, first began seeing the stray pup several months ago. He began leaving out food and water for the dog and he kept coming back, endearing himself to the dealership's staff. Eventually, the manager decided that he had to adopt him.

Once officially adopted, Mariano's dealership's new "FTP" (Full-Time Pooch) needed a name. What better choice than to name the canine Tucson, a nod to Hyundai's popular compact SUV.

While on-the-job, Tucson spends his day getting behind the wheel, wearing a tie, and barking car features to customers. Unsurprisingly, the Tucson has been a huge hit with customers, and has earned praise for his "very caring and docile nature.

So, what is a young, employed, dog about the town to do next? Well, as reported by The Mirror, based on his growing social media presence, Hyundai is planning to make Tucson the "Top Dog" within a new national ad campaign.


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What can we learn?

Sometimes all people and dogs need is a chance. After all, even diamonds don't come out of the ground with a sparkle. Give them a chance, though, and they will shine!

It helps to be caring and compassionate. Had Tucson not been as approachable, pleasant and caring, he may not have one over his work mates and his boss.

Work environments can be stressful places. Pets can ease stress. According to USC Dornsife (Applied Psychology) the following are just some of the benefits to having pets in the workplace.

  • Pets in the Workplace Benefit Work-Life Balance

  • Pets in the Workplace Reduce Stress and Nurture Productivity

  • Pet Owner Health and Healthcare Savings


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