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AI Powered App Scans A Pile of LEGOs and Shows What You Can Build

[July 15, 2021: Yael Meshulam]

Credit: Instagram/

There are two types of people when it comes to LEGO storage. Either you meticulously bag up your LEGO bricks with their original sets, or you have a massive plastic bin with “LEGO” haphazardly scrawled across the side in black Sharpie and every brick you can find tossed inside. If you’re in the latter group (shout-out to my people) and you’re struggling to create something worthwhile out of the chaos scattered on the floor in front of you, help has arrived.

Now, there are no rules when it comes to building with LEGO bricks. You can stack every square piece you can find and call it a day, absolutely nothing wrong with that. But for those of us who want to build something, The Beatles famously said it best: “Help!” And, well, BRICKIT heard our pleas.

Using a combination of AI and witchcraft, BRICKIT allows you to scan your mess of LEGO bricks and provides you with a beautifully organized list of things you can potentially make. Equally as impressive, once you’ve made your decision, BRICKIT provides you with step-by-step guides similar to the ones included in LEGO sets.

The app’s Instagram page shows off several creations built using BRICKIT. For the sake of clarity (and because it’s cool as heck), they even include a photo of the pile scanned with the app in order to build that specific masterpiece.


BRICKIT is still fairly new to the market, but with just over 300 reviews in the App Store, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Users note that the app focuses on shape rather than brick color, so your final result likely won’t look identical to the one in the photo. Honestly though, it’s a great day for color blind people.

Most of the app’s suggestions are fairly simple builds, but you can continue scanning what’s left of your pile until you have a full BRICKIT village. Users also have to make sure their bricks are fairly spread apart while scanning, otherwise, the app has trouble figuring out what it’s seeing. Overall, BRICKIT seems like the first step in what could be the future of LEGO construction.

You can download the iPhone app now, but the Android version is still in the works. Happy building!

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