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Australian Hero Punches Shark to Save His Wife

[Aug. 17, 2020: Joseph Shavit]

On Saturday morning, an Australian couple were surfing at a beach near Port Macquarie, four hours north of Sydney, when the wife was attacked by a three metres (10 feet) long, great white shark.

She was bitten twice on her right leg before "Her companion was forced to punch the fish until it let go," police said in the statement.

The 35-year-old wife was treated on-scene before being airlifted to a major hospital for surgery.

Jed Toohey, who was surfing nearby when the attack occurred, called the man a "hero" for his prompt action to save his wife's life. "He started laying into the shark because it wouldn't let go." "He saved her life... He was really incredible."

When asked about his actions to save his wife's life, Mark Rapley, down-played his heroism. "I did what anyone would have done in that moment".


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What can we learn?

According to the Florida Museum, Australia (20) has the second most unprovoked shark attacks in the world behind the United States (32) and far ahead of Brazil (3).

Great advice is available on the web to avoid shark attacks. One source is the Florida Museum and it's article "How to avoid shark attacks".

If being attacked by a shark, a CNN article offers some things people can do to survive.


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