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Bartender goes viral after kindly using pub umbrella to escort customer home in rain

[July 11, 2021: Sinead Butler]

A bartender has been described as a “true gentleman” after a video of his kind gesture to a customer was shared online.

With torrential rain over the weekend in Ireland, one man in a mobility scooter faced the dilemma of getting home from The Pines Bar in Dublin without getting drenched.

Luckily, bartender Frankie thought of a quick and resourceful solution to save the man from being caught in the downpour.

He grabbed a massive pub umbrella, and held it over the customer to protect him from the rain and walked the punter home.


It appears the pub staff were touched by their colleague’s kind gesture, as someone filmed the selfless bartender walking along holding the huge parasol over the customer’s head.

The video was uploaded to The Pines Cafe Bar’s Facebook page, where it attracted dozens of kind comments.

One person wrote: “Good man Frank lovely staff helpful too.”

“Good man Frankie all ways said you were a gentleman,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “Wow that’s so lovely,” with a heart emoji.

“Frankie’s the best!” A fourth person commented.


Cathal Hughes, owner of The Pines Bar said: “We are massively overwhelmed at the reaction.

“When we posted it on our social media we felt it captured & summed up the whole dining outside experience in Ireland along with our staff members quick thinking & goodwill!

“The customer in question has been a regular for years and well known to us. Our staff always try to go the extra mile for him.”

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