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Belgian truck driver wins best mullet haircut at the 2021 Mullet Cup in France

[Sept 6, 2021: William Walker]

Nicolas Vanderkelen won the 2021 prize (CREDIT: AFP via Getty Images)

A truck driver has been honoured for his choice of 1980s hairstyle after winning best mullet at a European festival.

Mullet devotees descended on the French village of Cheniers on Saturday vying for the top prize.

About 500 people turned out to watch Belgian Nicolas Vanderkelen take the crown as he was named best mullet at the 2021 Mullet Cup.

And he had to beat off stiff competition after 100 people competed for the top prize. He won the gong after an 'election by applause.'

He took the prize from reigning champion and Frenchman Gauthier Istin, who reportedly walked 600km to attend the event, but not as a competitor.


The victor Mr Vanderkelen, who said he's been sporting the distinct hairstyle for the last two decades, said his mullet was 'a way of life.'

According to AFP Julian, a festival goer, said: "We don't care about other people's looks, about fashion.

The previous winner Gauthier Istin awards the trophy to Mr Vanderkelen (CREDIT: AFP via Getty Images)

"There is no typical look to have. Whether it's skin colour, gender, clothing, haircut, we want everyone to be perceived the same way.


"And this is kind of the pinnacle, we all agree. It's a mule's paradise."

Last year Brit Rob Ayton won world's best mullet at the annual Mulletfest, held in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales.

The mullet has had something of a resurgence of late, with Covid closing many hairdressers (CREDIT: AFP via Getty Images)

He only got his first mullet cut 'for a joke' three years before while on holiday in Australia and he said the style grew on him.

"It's a way of life, of being able to laugh at yourself," another of the 500 festival attendants said.

The mullet is a hairstyle where the hair is cut short at the front and sides, but is longer at the back.


“When these ‘balloons’ were ready, the babies could be admitted for surgery. The separation surgery took 12 hours, and ended with doctors dividing into two teams working in two separate operating rooms, performing a reconstruction of the skull of each of the girls and closing the skin.

“After the operation the twins were moved to the ICU, ventilated and sedated. The next day they started breathing on their own and today [Sunday] they met each other for the first time, which was simply amazing.”

Lazar commented: “One of the reasons for doing this now, as early as possible, is to allow normal development, and our hope is that this is now very likely.”

While it was sported by some celebrities in the 1960s it became more widespread two decades later.

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