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Boy celebrates birthday with toy drive for pediatric patients

[July 19, 2020: WBALTV NBC 11]

Jameson Shanabrough’s only birthday wish was to make the children at Johns Hopkins Hospital happy.

"I hope they feel happy and feel like the hospital is home and they get better soon because I know how it feels," said Jameson Shanabrough.

When he was 2-years-old, Jameson spent a long time in the hospital recovering from a dog bite to the face.

"What they do is they come around with a cart and they let the kids pick out a toy which is really cool because it boosts their morale," said Jameson's Mom, Nikke Shanabrough.

Jameson remembered what that experience meant to him and wanted to make sure no hospitalized kids went without a toy.

"For him to be able to understand the huge impact that he can make on other people’s lives. It just meant a lot that he just wanted to give back to everybody," said Nikke Shanabrough.

Touched by her son’s instincts, Nikke Shanabrough launched his toy drive through Amazon, which became very successful!... MORE


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