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Boy leads effort to make 1,000 lunches for the homeless

[Oct. 18, 2020: WBAL TV]

PIKESVILLE, Md. — A 7-year-old Baltimore County boy spearheaded an effort to make 1,000 lunches for the homeless.

Jayden Freedman, along with the help of others, made the meals that will be dropped off Monday at homeless shelters in the Pikesville area.

The Krieger Schechter Day School student told 11 News why he feels the need to give back.


"So we can give it other people and that makes the other people put a smile on their face, and people like to a smile on other people's faces," Jayden said.

The work doesn't stop here. Jayden said he plans on making lunches for the homeless at least once a month.

This Brighter Side of News post courtesy of WBAL TV.


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