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Business owner inspires millions after heartwarming post about the kindness of strangers

[Apr. 28, 2021: Alece Courville]

At Dominique Auto Sales in Opelousas, a simple act of kindness has inspired million across the country.

Over eight million people watched the exchange between someone in need and a good samaritan, the beginning of a friendship that will last a lifetime.

“Our intentions were just to help him out and it went viral,” Al Dominique says.

Last Thursday, staff found Jaime sleeping at the dealership doors, hoping to stay out of the rain.

They offered him a meal.

After posting the video on social media, Dominique decided they may be able to help him do more than eat for a day.


With simple trips to Walmart and local restaurants, Dominique and his business partners are bringing more good into Jaime’s life.

Dominique explains, “We have received stuff from all over the world. It’s inspiring.”

With over 20 thousand dollars raised through a GoFundMe account, Dominique says Jaime is now thinking about what the future holds.

“He wants to go back to school. We are looking for a place for him to stay. He needs work also,” continues Dominique.

It was never about a viral video or about the recognition, he says, it was simply about how to spread more good into the world.


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“Anybody can give anybody anything, a smile or a couple of bucks. You never know the lives you will change,” says Dominique.

To support Jaime, click here.


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