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Camera Catches Street Vendor Sharing What Little He Has With Hungry Stray Dogs

[July 13, 2021: Stephen Messenger]

Charles was surprised by his son Jarius for his 70th birthday in June

Security cameras in the city of Puebla, Mexico, recently captured footage of a touching scene that has since gone viral.

It shows kindness in its purest form.


In the video, released by local media, a solitary street vendor is seen walking down a quiet street with the food he intended to sell strapped in a container on his back. But he’s actually not alone.


Behind him, two stray dogs follow from a distance — spurred on by hunger, it seems, and a hope that the man might share what little he has.

Here’s what happened next:

The man has yet to be identified, but that hasn't stopped his selfless gesture from reverberating online. To date, the clip above has been viewed over 4 million times.

"More people like that!" news outlet Expreso wrote. "He was caught doing something unique when he thought no one was watching."

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