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Can you survive? Charity event inspired by the hit show “Survivor” taking place this summer

[Feb. 23, 2021: Connor Clement]

A charity event inspired by the hit show “Survivor” is taking place in Maine this summer, and you could potentially join in on the fun.

Can You Survive? will be a four day immersive “Survivor” experience that will take place in the Bangor area.

Participants will live in the elements, compete in challenges, and vote out their competition.

A $250 entry fee will turn into a charitable donation which will be given to the winner’s charity of choice.

Creator, Brandon Clark, wanted to give those who take part something to look forward to, while providing help to those in need amid the pandemic.


”I figured this was a unique event to help raise money for different charities but also raise awareness for different charities as well, that people might not even know exist in the area,” said Brandon Clark.

Applications for the event are being accepted until Sunday, February 28th.

Clark says, over 40 applicants have already applied for 21 contestant spots.

For more information, you can visit Can You Survive? - Charity Event Facebook Page.


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