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Cancer patient completes his final treatment then proposes to girlfriend

[Mar 10, 2022: Jane Robelot]

Before he touched the bell, his knee touched the floor, and a diamond slipped onto Brown's finger. (CREDIT: Image clipped from YouTube video)

Last week, 26-year-old Caleb Lee rang a bell that signaled his final cancer treatment, and he pulled the string right off.

His enthusiasm was twofold. He had completed 12 treatments of a clinical trial chemotherapy, and his girlfriend said “yes” to the ring.

Ally Brown was right there in the treatment suite with all of the staff at Prisma Health Cancer Institute in Seneca on Feb. 24 waiting for Lee to celebrate his victory over cancer.


But before he touched the bell, his knee touched the floor, and a diamond slipped onto Brown's finger. She said “yes,” and that’s when he turned to vigorously assault the bell.

Lee said, “I was just trying to make what is a very important moment even bigger, and she has been right there by me from the onset of this. She has taken great care of me. She has been through the ups and downs with me.

Lee's oncologist, Dr. Karen Dyehouse, was right there cheering with the rest of the team.


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She said the moment was a blessing for the whole staff, “for us, treating cancer patients and having a success story like that, there were lots of tears, happy tears.”

Lee was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year. Dyehouse said thanks to a state-of-the-art clinical trial made possible by Prisma Health’s relationship with the Southwest Oncology Group, he received a safer drug that stimulates the immune system to help fight cancer.


She said his participation in the trial will now help others.

While he said he’s a pretty private person, Lee wanted to combine his “bell ringing with his ring giving” as a gift of joy and happiness to the staff.

Now, Lee tells us he’s excited to work with the Oconee Memorial Hospital Foundation to raise funds to help others who are dealing with cancer and to make some wedding plans.

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