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Casual conversation leads to a helping hand for the hungry

[May 26, 2021: Josh Shortt]

Some local churches received a helping hand Wednesday, and it all came from a conversation between two friends.

Wednesday morning, a delivery coming from Salt Lake City, Utah brought a truckload of food that will go to the Churches United in Christ help ministry. From there, the food will be given to local pantries.

This all happened because two friends, Glenda Beck and Phylis Robe were talking in yoga about service opportunities. Glenda is with an organization called Justserve, where anyone can submit service projects. This led to the food delivery.


Both Glenda and Phyllis said it was no accident that this conversation happened.

“My husband and I had been praying for the hungry people during the pandemic. That had been a big concern to us, so we looked for ways to help them,” Beck said.

“I was really surprised. Already we can see how it is spreading and being helpful. This is a rough time for an awful lot of people,” Robe added.

The lineup of churches in Churches United in Christ are First Christian Church, State Street Methodist, Christ Episcopal and the Presbyterian Church, which runs a food pantry every day.


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