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Coastal Bend woman using her crocheting skills to provide 'blankets of love'

[Apr. 4, 2021: Mariah Gallegos]

Right from the start of this pandemic, neighbors began to look for ways to help each other. One local woman has continued to provide ‘blankets of love.’

Maria Martinez is putting her crocheting skills to use one stitch at a time.

“Get up, wash my face brush my teeth have my coffee, feed my kitty, and then straighten up a little bit, and then I'll come over here and sit down, watch TV and start crocheting and I'll crochet for the whole day,” said Martinez.

“I know I'm doing something to help somebody out that that's my reward right there, and that's, that's my gratitude is knowing that God blessed me with this gift.”

Martinez first donated the blankets, hats, board games to Driscoll Childrens Hospital, but after the pandemic started she added local nursing homes to the list.


“A lot of your senior citizens like the color, the women, they like purple. And the men, they like either gray or they like blue,” said Martinez. “So, the last nursing home that I did, I made like about four blankets light word that was the Dallas Cowboy colors. I made it, silver and blue.”

After preparing hundreds of crocheted treasures, she's now asking for help with material-donations.

“So far I got one lady that reached out and she ordered through Amazon, and she said that the yarn would be delivered here Monday so I'm excited, I'm looking forward to it,” said Martinez.

“I just feel I got this gift, why not put it to work, you know and do something for the community to help them out.”

To donate material, click here.


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