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Couple Renews Vows After Husband With Alzheimer's Proposes Again

[June 25, 2021: Tim Moran]

Married couples have found a variety of reasons, over the years, to renew their vows. For Lisa and Peter Marshall of Andover, Connecticut, it came from the groom's inability to remember the first wedding.

Peter Marshall, at age 56, has early onset Alzheimer's disease, The Washington Post reported in a feature story about the couple's renewed wedding vows. The disease is a form of dementia found in people in their 30s through 60s, The Post reported.

Lisa Marshall told The Post that for the last six months or so, her husband has struggled to remember they are married, simply thinking of her as his favorite caregiver.

The two were watching a wedding scene on TV last year when he asked her to marry him. Knowing they had already tied the knot, Lisa Marshall could only respond one way: "Let's do it."

The couple's daughter, Sarah Brehant, runs a wedding business, and when she heard about this, offered to organize the entire event. Wedding vendors throughout New England, listed below, agreed to help at no cost, and on April 26 the Connecticut couple were wed again at Mill 1 at Open Square in Holyoke, Massachusetts.


"It was just magical — straight out of a fairy tale," Lisa Marshall told The Post. "There wasn't a dry eye, and I was over the moon. I hadn't seen Peter that happy in a long time."

Peter Marshall's early onset has worsened since the spring wedding, according to The Post. Still, his wife cherishes any moment the two can spend together.

"One day at a time," she told The Post. "I don't know who I am to him now, but I know that he definitely loves me and feels safe."

Vendors who helped plan the wedding at no cost:

Photographer / @Danbrehantphotography,

Planning + Design / @brehant_Creations,

Venue / @mill1atopensquare,

Florist / @its_so_ranunculus,

Video + Live Stream @earthandsunco_,

Glam / @transcendentmakeup,

Rentals / @refinedrentalsllc,

Cake / @forgoodnesscakesdesserts,

Stationery / @pencilandinkdesign,

Balloons /,

Saxophonist / @Jeffladd,

Runner / @snassycrafter,

Plates + Goblets / @petalsplates,

Coordinators / @alliedearie @katherinedonovanphoto,

Bride / @ohhelloalzheimers,

Officiant / Adrienne Devivo


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