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‘Definitely fate’: Michigan veteran catches baby thrown from burning apartment

[July 21, 2020: Fox 40 Sacramento]

Dramatic cellphone video captured a Kalamazoo native as he caught a baby who was thrown from a burning apartment building in Arizona.

“It was definitely fate,” said Phillip Blanks.

Blanks made the rescue in Phoenix on July 2. The baby boy’s mom sacrificed her life to save his. She threw him out of the window of their burning apartment.

“Soon as I caught him, it was a divine moment,” said Blanks. “We looked each other in the eyes, and he had this new slate of life in him, new chance at life, like I’ll never forget that.”

Blanks credited the split-second decision to his training as a Marine and wide receiver for Kalamazoo Central High School.

“It was all an act of God,” said Blanks.

The veteran’s hometown community leaders rewarded him for his heroism.... MORE



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