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Dog Takes Bite From Rattlesnake to Save Owners from Venomous Reptile: 'Most Definitely a Hero'

[Aug. 5, 2020: People]

A dog in Rapid City, South Dakota has saved the day — taking a rattlesnake bite and warning its owners of the venomous reptile.

Devin Diede and his wife, Alex, were hiking last week on Centennial Trail, a route in the Black Hills National Forest, when they came upon the rattlesnake, they told local news station KEVN.

Their dog, an 11-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Bear, noticed the rattlesnake before the couple did, and ended up getting bit.

"Alex would have stepped on the snake and [it would've] bit her if Bear had not been there to take the bite," Devin told the outlet.

Bear took the bite like a champ — "He didn’t yip or bark," Devin said — but the couple knew to immediately take the dog to the vet when they noticed he wasn’t putting any weight on his front leg.

By the time Bear was carried back to the car and driven to medical help, the terrier was unable to walk. The vet determined that Bear had endured only one puncture wound, a bite on his chest.


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"Thankfully, the veterinarians and technicians at the emergency animal clinic in Rapid City were wonderful," Devin shared. "The vet took him and immediately started a blood transfusion."

After a "heartbreaking" night at the vet’s office, Alex and Devin were told they would be able to retrieve Bear in another 24 hours.

"He’s doing surprisingly well. He’s walking around just fine and as happy as could be. He’s a tough little guy and most definitely a hero," Devin said..... Read More


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