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Driver finds replacement hubcap and heartwarming note from 14-year-old boy

[June 4, 2021: Naimah Archibald-Powell]

Acts of kindness go a long way and it always feels good to help someone, especially when they least expect it.

One mum in Thornbury was stunned to find she was the recipient of a new car hubcap when a 14-year-old boy she didn't know noticed that hers was missing and decided to do something about it.

Matthew, 14, has autism and has memorised specific details about a range of things, including hubcaps and the cars they fit.

Collecting discarded hubcaps from hedgerows and car parks and storing them at his home, Matthew noticed the stranger's missing car part during a drive with his parents and later returned to leave the unsuspecting gift next to the car from his collection.

Along with the gift, Matthew wrote: "Hello there! My name is Matthew, I'm 14, I live in Thornbury and I love all things about cars - especially wheels and hubcaps.


“I also have autism, which in my case, enables me to notice and remember a lot of details, and easily tell the difference between various types of hubcaps and which car make and model they fit on.

He explained that he has a collection which he washes and ensures are undamaged, before adding: “My favourite thing to do, though, is to give them to people that have a hubcap missing.”

Matthew said he had spotted the car and knew he had one which would fit, so returned with his parents to leave it as a surprise, along with cable ties to attach it to the car.

His parents added their own message to reassure the driver it was not some type of scam, but just a passion for their son - and that they had even sanitised the hubcap and bag for the driver's safety.

The selfless gesture was posted to Reddit by the driver's son, who uploaded a picture of the hubcap and the accompanying note.


They said: “This got left for my mother. A HUGE thank you to Matthew, keep doing what you're doing!”

The note that was signed by hand finished with the message from his parents, which included: “Given Matthew’s love of hubcaps and generous kind nature, this seems like a great opportunity to continue his learning and development during lockdown whilst keeping himself and others safe and staying local.

"As a family, we follow Covid-19 guidelines very carefully, so we sprayed Clinell hospital-grade anti-bacterial spray on the outside of the bag, plus its contents, and wore gloves to deliver it.

"Thank you for helping us give our son something to smile about in these difficult times."

The act of kindness was well-received on Reddit, with comments expressing support for the teenager.

One said: “This is the sweetest thing. What a gem. I can see Matthew running an online hubcap supplier business.”

Another added: “Absolute legend. Doing our entire city proud, Matthew.”


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