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Entenmann’s launches ‘Mini Acts of Kindess’ giveaway with $5,000 grand prize

[Feb. 18, 2021: Josh Shavit]

Entenmann’s has launched its “Mini Acts of Kindness” giveaway that gives people the chance to win $5,000 and boxes of Entenmann’s Minis.

Starting today, Random Acts of Kindness Day, people can commit an act of kindness by nominating a loved one who then can win one of 5,000 free boxes of Entenmann’s Minis and be entered to win $5,000 each.

“Whether it’s leaving a tip at your local coffee shop or making treats for your favorite postal worker, now more than ever, the smallest act of kindness can brighten someone’s day.”


For every nomination submitted, Entenmann’s said it will donate $1, up to $15,000, to Feeding America.

The contest is open through April 2. According to the Entenmann’s website, Minis products include blueberry, apple, cherry and raspberry snack pies, brownie chocolate chip, fudge iced golden cakes, creme-filled fudge cake, pound cake and crumb cake.


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