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Equinox Opens Its First Fully-Outdoor Gym In Los Angeles

[Sept. 21, 2020: Laura Schreffler]

During the Covid era, gyms — like restaurants — have taken a hit. Even the most die-hard fitness enthusiasts have been skeptical about weight-lifting among dozens of others. Even workout guru Jillian Michaels contracted the disease during a workout, and since, has been urging her followers to ditch the gym in favor of an at-home program.

Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking is definitely something necessary during this time, which is why we aren’t at all surprised that Equinox, a leader among fitness clubs, has decided to open their first fully-outdoor facility. It happens to be in Los Angeles, which has beautiful weather year round, which isn’t the case for other destinations such as Manhattan or London, but here, it works. The catch: it’s for a limited time only starting today, Sept. 21st.

Equinox’s intention is to create a functional space for members to get back into their fitness routine. The new club space known as Equinox+ In The Wild will offer members the full Equinox experience and continue to promote the brand ideology that fitness and well-being goes beyond just four walls. Perched on a rooftop and spanning across more than 27,000 square feet, this club creates a safe place for members to break a sweat while also social distancing.

Features of the club will include a covered strength floor area, tented cardio areas, a tented outdoor class studio area and lockers, as well as a covered regen zone.

Unlike most outdoor fitness set-ups, the new club will feature signature Equinox finishes, such as strength tile and rolled rubber flooring and surround-sound speaker systems, mimicking the club experiences that members have come to know and love.

This Brighter Side of News post courtesy of Haute Living.


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