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Father, daughter & dog rescued after being trapped for 48 hours

[Sept. 7, 2020: AP News]

MOUNT HOOD, Ore. — A man and his young daughter, along with their dog, were rescued Thursday from a ravine where the man had been injured and stuck for more than 48 hours without supplies, officials said.

Peter Munro, a 37-year-old Canby resident, had gone to Kinzel Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest to set up camp on Tuesday. Munro’s wife, Camille Munro, arrived that evening, but found the camp empty.

She figured the rest of the family had gone for a hike, but when no one returned by Wednesday morning, she began searching and found their truck at a nearby trailhead.

Camille Munro called 911 and reported her them missing.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office dispatched a search-and-rescue team and with help from other rescue teams including the Air National Guard, people scoured the remote terrain overnight for any sign of the child and her father.

Around 6 a.m. Thursday, teams found the lost hikers, along with their dog Buck, in a ravine. Peter Munro was hurt and unable to walk. They were found about 1,200 feet (366 meters) below where they had begun hiking roughly two days before. Leila Munro and Buck were both uninjured.

Peter Munro was strapped into a basket and carried to a waiting medical crew and transferred to a hospital, officials said.

Leila Munro and Buck were reunited with Camille Munro.

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