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Father writes daughter 690 inspiring lunch notes to ease her anxiety

[July 2, 2021: Damali Ramirez]

A Lousiana father is getting national recognition for starting "Dad Lunch Notes,” to try and motivate his daughter, Addison.

“I scribbled a note on her sandwich bag and put it in her lunch box, shared it on Twitter and Instagram, not thinking anything of it,” Dr. Chris Yandle said.

In 2017, Yandle decided to leave a lunch note after he noticed behavioral changes in his daughter. Addison was going to fourth grade and starting at her fourth new school in five years. He noticed the changes were not easy on her. So, he decided to leave her a surprise lunch note to ease her anxiety.

Yandel wrote his first note on Aug. 14, 2017, which said, "Addy, be nice to others. Not everyone will look like you. Learn to spot the unique and special things in other people. You have the power to change someone’s life. Love, Dad."


One lunch note quickly became 690, and now, Addison is heading to the eighth grade. Yandle published all 690 messages in a new book, “Lucky Enough.”

Addison said that every positive message from her dad over the years helped her along the way.

"I was pretty distant from him and stuff. Now, I'm closer to him and I can really bond with him a lot more," she said.

They hope the notes will inspire others to bond.

"Just by enacting a bit of kindness in your child, that's going to bring them to do something nice for somebody else. It's a domino effect," Yandle said.


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