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Fearless toddler scales climbing wall his parents built to stop the 15-month-old clambering all over

Sept. 23, 2020: Rebecca Flood]

A toddler has shown he has no fear after scaling a climbing wall his parents built for him - to stop him clambering on the furniture.

A clip has gone viral showing 15-month-old Ezzy getting to the top of the wall with ease, all with a dummy still in his mouth.

A friend shared the video on Twitter, saying: “My friend built his kid a climbing wall to get him to stop climbing furniture and it only made the tot more powerful.”

The clip, filmed by his mum, has since been viewed more than 500,00 times, and shows the incredible wall which features multi-coloured holds and bars with a mat underneath - which comes in handy as Ezzy tumbles to the bottom.

As Ezzy starts climbing his mum can’t contain her shock and excitement as he bravely climbs to the top.

She says off camera: “Ezzy you’re nuts! You’re crazy. Oh my god.”

Thousands of people have liked and re-tweeted the clip, in awe of Ezzy’s skills.

One person said: “In these times where you can’t bring the baby to an agility class, you have to bring the agility class to the baby!”

Another wrote: “This is how it starts. My son has been on a climbing team since he was 7 and when people ask me how he started, I tell him he would literally climb the walls and doorways in our apt.”

A third commented: “This is awesome, great for strengthening and conditioning the baby and help with confidence and not being afraid to fall and get back up.”

This person thought: “Really excited to see this kid’s mountain climbing exploits in 20 years.”

Another admitted: “My friends kid can barely walk in a straight line…”

While this person added: “This kid has better footwork than me.”

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This Brighter Side of News post courtesy of The Sun.


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