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Football fans can now treat themselves to coffee in a cup they can eat

[Sept 1, 2021: Bharat Bhushan]

Man City has announced that it will be running trials for ‘edible coffee cups’. (CREDIT: BioBite)

Whether Manchester City will be Juventus and Portuguese genius Cristiano Ronaldo’s new stop is a story for fans to celebrate only after the summer transfer window is closed, before that, the club aficionados have environmental sustainability to cheer about.

Man City has announced that it will be running trials for ‘edible coffee cups’ as part of the club’s new concession-stand offerings for the ongoing season.

The concept of these cups made like wafers is pretty similar to an ice-cream cone that can be consumed after the sweet so nothing is left for the trash. The edible cups are accompanied by 100-percent recyclable and zero plastic beer cups also on trial in the Etihad stadium.


Coffee cup you can eat

Next time you’re at the Etihad Stadium, don’t forget to pick your choice of hot barista from outside the stadium in City Square in an edible cup! You can be assured of your safety from cups’ diluting with the hot content. The wafer cups are consciously made to hold hot coffee, tea or other beverages conveniently for one half of the game.

Etihad Stadium (CREDIT: Man City)

For the record, the cups are leak-proof for up to 12 hours and remain absolute crispy – so you can savor it after the drink – for up to 45 minutes. The bottom half of these cups is covered in recycled paper label, which is recyclable, and ensures the wafer cup is easy to hold and it doesn’t touch any surface directly (cleanliness is important after all).


The construction bits

These tasty, crunchy and completely organic cups are made by Scotland-based BioBite, a company that visions to replace single-use paper and plastic in the food and beverage industry. The edible wafer cups can hold 220ml of liquid content in them and are made from seven ingredients including oat bran and wheat flour.

Edible coffee cups from Scotland-based BioBite. (CREDIT: BioBite

According to Manchester City, this is for the first time that edible cups like these are being used in the Premier League. With the new season underway, for the environmentally conscious fans, these zero waste cups are going to be a cool attraction. Go City Go!

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