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Freediver recovers a couple's engagement ring that was lost in England’s largest lake

[May 29, 2021: Josh Shavit]

Two days after the proposal, a freediver recovers an engagement ring that was lost in England’s largest lake.

Not every hero wears a cape. Some people wear wetsuits and snorkels.

When a woman’s engagement ring was lost in Lake Windermere just two days after she was proposed to, a local freediver was summoned to save the day. The diver returned the ring to the ecstatic couple after a 20-minute search of the ocean.

According to the Independent, the woman, identified Rebecca, was sitting on a pier outside a hotel on the beaches of Lake Windermere when she misplaced the ring. When the hotel learned of the ring’s disappearance, they contacted local freediver Angus Hosking.


Hosking, 22, and colleague freediver Declan Turner, 20, have been cleaning up garbage from lakes in The Lake District for more than three years, according to the BBC. The two call themselves Lake District Diving and describe themselves as a “community organization.” According to their Instagram and Facebook profiles, the couple not only cleans up the lakes, but they also routinely assist in the recovery of missing belongings like as phones, jewelry, cameras, and other valuables.

Hosking told the BBC that because he has a good reputation in the community, he is frequently called to assist individuals “in their time of need,” which is how he got the phone call about the missing ring on Monday.

According to Hosking’s Instagram account, he received the call during his lunch break. Knowing where Rebecca had misplaced the ring, Hosking concluded his shift and went to the lake to assist the couple in recovering their sunken treasure.


“With something as light and little as a ring, it’s time-sensitive,” Hosking told the BBC. “Fortunately, we had a rough sense of where it was – if it had been in the middle of the lake, it wouldn’t have been a needle in a haystack, but a needle in the world,” he added. Lake Windermere is England’s largest lake, measuring 10.5 miles long and one mile wide.

The ring was recovered by Hosking using an underwater metal detector. After a few false alarms, he knew he had discovered what he was looking for when he noticed the shine underwater, according to the BBC.


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