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Gabriel Trevino runs for 381 consecutive days to combat bullying, racism and promote kindness

[June 24, 2021: Harry Croton]

A local man just spent the past year-plus running for an important cause.

Gabriel Treviño ran at least 10 miles for 381 consecutive days, and on Wednesday, he capped things off in front of friends, family and supporters.

"Some people think I'm crazy. Honestly, it's not fun, but the feeling you get afterwards - that's what it's all about," Treviño said.

Treviño ran to combat racism, promote kindness, and to raise awareness of Keegan's Krew - a local anti-bullying initiative started by an 11-year old Peoria boy who took his own life in 2017.

"The amount of support that (Treviño) has shown Keegan's Krew over the years is incredible, but these last 381 days - the stuff that he has gone through in that time alone is just unbelievable," said Kelly Beal, Keegan's mother and founder of Keegan's Krew.


Trevino ran in rain, shine or snow - and even battled COVID-19 at one point.

"He's always been outgoing - giving it his all every time he does something. He is not a quitter - he doesn't quit," said Carlos Treviño, Gabriel's father.

Trevino says the number 381 is important as it represents the amount of days the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 lasted.

Plus, he says the number represents the words, "I love you" - eight letters, three words, and one meaning.

"Not only does it say you have the strength to do something within yourself to make a big change - if it's running walking or donating the last dollar out of your pocket," said Adriana Mendoza, best friend to Keegan and member of Keegan's Krew. "It shows that you can do something like somebody else has done."

Treviño says he hopes he spread a message by running every day using a special sign made for him by his father.

"It's just baby steps - it's not going to happen overnight … It all starts in everybody's home. It's how parents act around their kids, not judging somebody because of the color of their skin," Treviño said.


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