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Georgia Chick-fil-A employee saves choking child in drive-thru

[Oct. 14, 2020: Samantha Kubota]

On Monday, Zack “Cowboy” Kokenzie was working in the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru in Columbus, Georgia, when he heard a commotion coming from one of the cars in line, according to the store’s Facebook page.

Kokenzie — who was an Eagle Scout and is CPR-certified — rushed to help and found a father and another customer trying to free a child caught choking in the backseat of an SUV because "the seat belt had become wrapped around the child's windpipe."

With the help of another employee, Zachary Bullock, Kokenzie got a pair of scissors and cut through the seat belt to save the child "in seconds," according to the post.

“Zack and our team acted quickly in rescuing a child from a life-threatening situation ... This could have been far worse, but Zack and others were in the right place, with the right training and the right attitude to potentially save the life of one of our customers. We are glad everyone is alright,” Alex Vann, the store owner and operator, said in a statement.

This Brighter Side of News post courtesy of Today.



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