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Girl who needs multiple surgeries is receiving support from across the country

[Mar. 2, 2021: Katie Thompson]

An Alabama girl who needs multiple surgeries at a Boston hospital is receiving support from across the country after starting her fundraising effort with her own lemonade stand.

Liza Scott, a 7-year-old from Birmingham, first set up the lemonade stand last summer inside her mother's bakery as a way to earn extra money for things she wanted to buy.

But in January, Liza began having Grand Mal seizures and was admitted to the emergency room.

Her mother, Elizabeth Scott, says doctors discovered that Liza had three independent brain malformations, each of which requires different and separate treatments.

On Thursday, Liza and her mother will fly to Boston, where Liza will begin to undergo brain surgeries at Boston Children's Hospital.


Liza has been using her lemonade stand to help fund the flight to Boston and the surgeries. When word got out, support poured in from around the world.

"You know, we're kind of a staple here and I knew that we would gain the community's support because everyone knows about our bakery, but I didn't expect it to go beyond that," Elizabeth Scott said. "It really just speaks to people's good nature, kindness and generosity -- and encouraging us and praying for us. I mean, that's huge."

Online donations for Liza and her family are nearing $300,000. If you would like to donate, click here.


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