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Girls Selling Bracelets To Help Those Struggling After Unrest Have Raised $130,000

[Aug. 30, 2020: WCCO4 Minnesota]

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A group of young girls selling bracelets to help heal our community ended their summer with a fundraiser Sunday.

Kamryn Johnson and her friends were at the Scheels in Eden Prairie. The girls started selling bracelets back in May to raise money for struggling communities after George Floyd’s death.

They’ve raised over $130,000 to date. The money is helping people get necessities like food and clothing.

Kamryn is the 9-year-old daughter of former Gopher football standout Ron Johnson. He says the bracelets are taking on a new stage in the business.

“Scheels is actually gonna carry 150 of these at the front lanes, and during football season during the fall, I think right around October, they’ll be in stores,” Ron Johnson said.

There will also be another 500 bracelets for sale online later this fall.

Ron Johnson talked with WCCO about the protests that have been happening nationwide this summer, and the way the world has shifted.

“I hope that as we continue to fight for unity and justice people understand that nobody’s against the police, we’re against the bad police. Nobody’s against the protesters, we’re against the bad protesters — the looters, the rioters,” he said. “You can support the police and the protesters, but you don’t have to support the bad. And I think everybody think’s it’s all-in or all-out, like if I support the police, I’m supporting bad police, if I support protesters, I’m supporting the rioters. It’s not that.”

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