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Gisele Bundchen to Plant 40,000 Trees in Celebration of Her 40th Birthday

[July 19, 2020: Us Magazine]

Giving back. Gisele Bündchen wants to share her 40th birthday with the planet, so she’s asking friends and family to plant trees instead of giving her birthday gifts.

The model, 39, posted a series of photos via Instagram on Saturday, July 18, featuring her husband, Tom Brady, and their children, Benjamin, 10, and Vivian, 7, as they planted trees.

“As some of you know, my birthday is coming up on July 20th. And it’s not just any birthday! I can’t believe I am turning 40,” Bündchen wrote. “I feel like a whole new chapter of my life is starting, and I wanted to celebrate it in a meaningful way, so I decided to plant 40,000 trees. I have been planting trees for different projects for years, as I feel that this is the best way I know to give back to Mother Earth.”

My Path to a Meaningful Life author added that she and her family were forced to cancel her original birthday plans to plant trees in her native Brazil due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Then I had another thought,” she continued. “What if I could come up with a way for others to help me plant trees there? I’ve already talked to my family and my friends — and they will all turn their gifts into trees. That way, we can all help give something back to our planet.”... MORE


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