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GoBidud: A kindness revolution helping those in quarantine

[July 15, 2020: Jerusalem Post]

It all started with a concern, expressed by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits of Jerusalem’s Sanhedria Murhevet neighborhood, that community members entering bidud (quarantine) will need help to enable them to stay indoors for 14 days.

Without this help, households in bidud might have no way to manage many tasks of daily living, such as getting food, getting rid of their trash and picking up mail. Berkovits encouraged his community to arrange for this kind of assistance for neighbors in need.

His call was answered by community member Rabbi Yosef Y. Ettlinger. Inspired by his parents’ tradition of community service in their hometown neighborhood of Washington Heights, New York, Ettlinger commented, “My father told me, ‘When something has to get done, you do it. You do what you can. Leave the rest to the Almighty.’” ... MORE



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