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Good Samaritan inspired by his mother's death helps families with broken pipes

[Feb. 20, 2021: ABC 13]

Raymond Garcia doesn't have power at his home, so he is spending his time helping others.

He is going home to home to fix their broken pipes, shut off their water, and help in any other way he can.

Garcia lost his mom to COVID-19 last week and was so inspired by the kindness others showed him, he wanted to do something to pay it forward.

He was supposed to bury her on Wednesday, but instead spent the day helping people get through the extreme cold at their homes.


Video: Raymond Garcia lost his mom to COVID-19 and was so touched by the kindness of others, he wanted to pay it forward. He is now going home to home helping people fix their broken pipes!

Garcia is helping people for free and not asking for anything in return. If people do want to give him money, he is donating it to his partner helping him with the repairs.

Garcia said, "My mom always taught me if you help and give to people, God will always bless you. And you know what, I've been blessed."


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