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Grocery store manager takes orders, does the shopping then delivers groceries for elderly

[Aug. 3, 2020: KLEW TV CBS]

"In my mindset, there's no better gift than being able to serve someone in the line of work you do, so I really enjoy that,” said Shawn McAdams, Rosauers Manager.

The manager at Colfax’s Rosauers is giving back to his community by shopping for the elderly, and while he’s doing this selfless act, just hear what he said about the reaction he’s getting.

Shawn McAdams is this week’s KLEW Community Hero. He will tell you, he’s no hero but to many others, he’s more than inspiring.

Shawn gets tremendous joy from serving his community in Colfax, but with the coronavirus pandemic, the service that he’s always done has become even more important.

If you visit Rosauers in Colfax, you might see the store manager traversing the aisles, checking items off a list.


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"When I started, folks would call, shut-ins that needed delivering,” he said. “I just started delivering for them. They'd call. I’d take their order."

Shawn McAdams shops for and delivers food to the elderly in the Colfax area.

"Over the years I’ve had the chance to make a lot of nice friends that I deliver to,” said Shawn.

His deliveries go beyond just making sure the elderly is provided with food.

"You get a chance to visit with them, some of those folks they might not see people, outside folks, every day, so if you get to see someone once a week, even if it's just for a few minutes, it's definitely a pleasure for me to be there,” said Shawn.

Shawn cherishes the relationships he makes, and he lights up while talking about the people he delivers to.

"On occasion, I'll deliver to one of my shut-ins, and then I'll have to sit down and visit for twenty, thirty minutes,” he said. “It kind of makes my day. I learn about them, they learn about myself and my family."

With the coronavirus pandemic, many high-risk populations have difficulty going out to places like the grocery store. Shawn makes sure all who need deliveries are taken care of.

"It's increased by like four times from what my normal deliveries were,” Shawn said.

Avista Utilities shared what Shawn was doing in a tweet that people took notice.

"I had a gentleman from Spokane, saw it on the Avista page, and sent me a $50.00 gift card, Rosauers gift card, down to help share with the folks in Colfax and Whitman county,” said Shawn.

Shawn is delighted to see that what he’s doing is starting a chain reaction of good.

"Little overwhelming at times,” Shawn said. “It's great. We have a great community here, and it's nice to see that other communities are willing to give and take part.".... Read More



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