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Heartwarming moment fertility doctor calls up IVF couple to chorus: 'You're pregnant

[Apr. 26, 2021: Bhvishya Patel]

A fertility doctor and his staff have gone viral after they filmed the joyous way they let couples know that their IVF treatment has been successful.

Footage shows Dr Lawrence Werlin from Coastal Fertility Medical Center, in Irvine, California, phone a couple, Carlie and Nima, to confirm they are expecting.

The fertility doctor holds up the handset to the room and gives his staff a silent three-second countdown before everyone shouts out in unison: 'You're pregnant!'


During the clip, which has since gathered nearly five million views on TikTok, the doctor speaks to Nima first and asks for Carlie to confirm that she is on the line.

The doctor then holds up the handset to the room and gives his staff a silent three-second countdown using his fingers before staff shout in unison: 'You're pregnant!'

Staff then begin to clap and cheer for the happy couple as Carlie says: 'Yay!'

The fertility clinic said the footage was filmed in March last year but the couple had wanted to remain private and had asked for the video to be posted after their baby had arrived.

Carlie said: 'Receiving that phone call was the most wonderful thing in the world.

'We were so nervous when the doctor called but became so extremely happy when we learned I was pregnant.

'I think it's really surreal and exciting that we got to share our joy on TikTok.

'It's so crazy how many people watched the video and enjoyed it.

'I enjoyed reading all the sweet comments.'


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According to Coastal Fertility Medical Center, staff have celebrated every IVF patient pregnancy with a congratulatory call since 1982 - with the clinic making between five and 10 such calls per week.

Juliann Nikolic, Corporate Vice President of the clinic, said: 'We have had people from all over the world comment they were brought to tears and chilled by their tears of joy and we feel the same way.

'This is one of the most rewarding moments for us, helping patients achieve their dreams.'

Following the scenes a message shared on social media by the clinic read: 'It's always a good day, when we get to do our pregnancy announcement calls. #ivf #ivfstruggles #fertilityjourney #successmotivation.'

The heartwarming clip has since received an array of responses from social media users, with one describing how the scenes 'made their heart soar'.

One user wrote: 'Always so exciting! Congratulations to that couple! Made my heart soar!'

While another commented: 'Never fails, I always cry! How exciting!'

Another person added: 'I love this so much.'


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