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Her sister needed blood and platelet donations to survive so this teen launched a blood drive

[July 1, 2021: Elise Preston]

Violet Jackson is an energetic and fun-loving 6-year-old, but beneath her vibrant smile, she's battling B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was diagnosed just last month.

Violet is undergoing treatment at Omaha's Children's Hospital, where she's received pints of blood and platelets.

"I was thankful the blood was available for Violet when she needed it," said Violet's mother, Wendy Jackson. "And I wanted to pay that gift forward, so I scheduled my blood donation."

Then, big sister Eden got really inspired.


Eden Jackson

She organized a community blood drive, and at a critical time when the nation is facing a blood shortage amid the pandemic. With the 16-year-year old's efforts, this blood drive hit capacity.

"It was great to see it all fill up so fast and know that we brought awareness to the need for blood and that it can help people," said Eden Jackson.

A sense of community, helping to save lives one pint at a time.


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