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Heroic boy, 8, helps save his grandfather

[July 17, 2020: North Bay Nugget]

Carol and Dave Oley of North Bay hadn’t seen their grandchildren since mid-March.

So when Dave and his grandson, Trent Hare, planned a fishing trip for June 5 on a remote lake off Sand Dam Road in Merrick Township, both were excited, Carol Oley says.

Oley says Trent learned how to use his grandfather’s flip phone just hours before he would need it to call for help. And Dave Oley showed him where it was kept in his truck.

Oley says her husband felt ill after 30 minutes of fishing so he returned to shore where Trent went to find help.

Trent first called his mother, who called 911. He then was instructed to wait by the road to direct paramedics to his grandfather’s location.

Trent went back and forth, checking the road and his grandfather to make sure he was conscious. He put his lifejacket underneath his grandfather’s head and splashed him with water to keep him conscious.

Oley says Trent told her “sometimes when he talked to grandpa, grandpa answered and sometimes grandpa didn’t answer him.”... MORE


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