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Heroic’ Connecticut Teen Saves Mother And 3 Children From A Burning Car

[Sept. 16, 2020: Areeb Fatima]

In a video uploaded on Facebook, Waterbury Police Captain Michael Dasilva praised an 18-year-old Justin Gavin for saving the family of four. Gavin was reportedly walking down West Main Street when he discovered a car on flames coming to a stop on Sperry Street.

Dasilva praised Gavin for rushing into the battle “without worrying about his own safety”. Gavin reportedly opened the driver’s door and helped Latrice Chambers unfasten her seat belt. He then went into the back seat and rescued Chambers’s three children – 9, 4 and 1 year old, who police said were in the car seat.

Gavin told sources that he had just stepped off the bus when he noticed a burning SUV. Meanwhile, Chambers said he was “in shock” and didn’t notice that his car was on fire.

Gavin recalls the incidence

I told the little girl to unfasten the seat belt as quickly as possible so that when I opened the door, I could just pull them out. I was afraid because I had never seen a car on fire before. ”

On Wednesday, Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spanish handed Gavin a challenge coin, an item he usually gives to officers for heroic deeds.

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