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Heroic Father Rescues Woman and Toddler from Flooded River

[Jan. 11, 2024: JD Shavit, The Brighter Side of News]

Liam Stych and Tia Draper rescuers who saved a woman and her child from a submerged car on Green Lane. (CREDIT: Anita Maric / SWNS)

In a heart-pounding act of heroism, 28-year-old Liam Stych demonstrated incredible courage and quick thinking as he saved a woman and her three-year-old daughter from a harrowing ordeal in Birmingham, England.

On a fateful Tuesday, following the aftermath of Storm Henk, Stych leapt into action when he heard the desperate cries for help coming from a car engulfed by surging floodwaters.


The dramatic rescue unfolded as a video captured the woman's car being swept away under a footbridge while torrents of water roared through the streets of Birmingham. The woman inside the vehicle could be heard pleading, "Help me, help me, please save my baby!" It was this desperate plea that spurred Liam Stych into action.

Liam Stych with his pregnant partner Tia Draper. (CREDIT: Anita Maric / SWNS)

As the situation grew increasingly dire, Stych wasted no time and bravely hung off the edge of the bridge, fully aware that his actions needed to be precise and calculated. He recounted his experience, saying, "The front of her car was pointing down into the water, so I dangled off the bridge. I didn't want to make the situation worse by sinking the car with my weight." His quick assessment of the situation exemplified the presence of mind that would prove crucial in the rescue.


Stych didn't hesitate to instruct the distressed woman to stay calm and partially lower her window, allowing him to retrieve her precious child. Though the window could only be lowered halfway, he managed to safely extricate the toddler and "hurl her" into the waiting arms of his pregnant partner, who stood on the bridge.

The race against time intensified as Stych sprinted to his work van to retrieve a set of 3.5-ton ratchet straps, a decision that would prove pivotal in the ensuing moments.


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"After ensuring the baby was safe, I ran to get the straps and climbed back to the car, smashing the back passenger window," Stych recalled. With deft and swift movements, he secured the car to the bridge using the ratchet straps, preventing it from being further swept away by the relentless current.

The rescue wasn't over yet. Stych then instructed the woman to climb into the back of the car and exit through the window. "She managed to get out, and we held hands to jump together into the water after a count of three," he recounted. The powerful current posed a significant challenge, but Stych's determination prevailed as he successfully pulled the woman to safety.


West Midlands Police hailed Liam Stych as a hero, a title he humbly accepted, attributing his actions to instinct rather than any extraordinary courage. "I think if I hadn't done what I did, the car would have been dragged under the bridge, and there would have been no way of getting them out," he modestly noted. He emphasized the importance of educating the public about the dangers of flooding, especially during heavy rainfall when roads can transform into treacherous rivers.

Video footage shows Mr Stych using the bridge railing to scramble across to the white car where the driver, a woman, was calling for help. (CREDIT: TikTok / littledoweknow)

The incident left the woman without her car and her groceries, which were lost in the flood. However, thanks to the selfless actions of Liam Stych, she and her young daughter emerged from this terrifying ordeal with their lives intact.


As stories like these serve as a reminder of the potential dangers of extreme weather events, it's essential for communities to be prepared and vigilant in the face of flooding and other natural disasters.

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